Ghost Browser is a Chromium based web browser from Loving Cup Productions

Currently Ghost Browser installs on MacOS (Intel and M1/M2) and Windows

A Linux edition is in the works

Being Chromium based, Ghost Browser Supports:

  • Any Chrome Extension
  • Can sync history, cookies, etc between Chrome and Ghost
  • Interface is similar to Chrome
  • You get access to normal Chrome Developer Tools

In addition to Ghost Browser’s productivity sidebar and built-in multi-session browsing, you can assign a different proxy to each tab for maximum identity protection.

What makes Ghost unique?

Ghost is focused on improving productivity and making it possible to run different sessions of the same website in one browser window

You can also save sessions or groups of sessions as a “Workspace, so you can quickly re-open all of your sessions at a later date. And yes each session has its own set of cookies so they can be logged with different accounts

Ghost provides an isolated cookie jar for each tab that you open

This allows you to open each tab with a new identity

In the Pro version Ghost Browser allows you to setup a proxy (new IP) for each tab, which means you can have a different host IP address for that particular identity (tab)

Further you can color code the tabs to make it easier to visually identify which user each belongs too

Lets also imagine you have been working all night and haven’t finished all you wanted to do yet, so instead of having to leave your browser windows up and logged in to all those sites, you can save all of them to a Project and reopen them all again tomorrow without skipping a beat.

For Mac users there is automation provided with support for AppleScript

Ok fine but how does this work in a real world example

Suppose you have multiple roles on say WordPress

You can be logged I as the site admin in one window and a plain user in the second tab on the same site

Ghost offers a free users plan which allows for up to 3 identities and 3 Projects

There are other plans for Basic and Pro users

Basic Plan is $21 / mo and Pro Plan is $46 / month

The basic plan offers unlimited workspaces (Projects) and unlimited identities

Enterprise licensing is available as well

Final Thoughts

On my copy of the latest Mac Apple Silicon version I was unable to Import my browser settings from Chrome, Pressing Import Button did nothing.

I thought well I’ll try and leave a support email and sent them my information, MacOS version, Chrome version and version of Ghost I was using, I was totally surprised the next morning with an email from the Ghost Project Manager with a link for me to try a new update of the software. It worked, amazing response 10 out of 10!